Trouble Code Analysis


In the automobile jargon, a trouble code is an alphanumeric value that represents a particular fault in your car. There is a full list of codes that is used by all car manufacturers in their cars’ OBD2 system (Onboard Diagnostic System II).

The OBD2 system continuously monitors all the parts and systems of your car such as the ignition and fuel systems, emission systems, etc. It is also responsible for detecting any faults in them, and storing the requisite data of these faults in the form of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). It will store those trouble codes depending on the faults that it detects, as there are different codes set for each system/part of the car such as the chassis, the transmission, the airbags, etc. Once the OBD detects any fault it will turn ON the relevant lights in your car such as the “Check Engine” Light.

The only way to know why your “Check Engine” Light or other indicator is ON, is to connect an OBD scanner to your car and read and understand the trouble code that it relays. At MR Auto tech, we have the best scanners to read the trouble code, and our expert mechanics can analyse it and help fix the root cause of the fault, thus preventing long-term future troubles

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