Clutch Replacement


If you have you noticed the following signs with your car recently, then it probably means that it’s time for a thorough clutch inspection followed by replacement if necessary.

  1. You have trouble shifting gears
  2. Your clutch pedal makes noises when engaged
  3. Your clutch pedal stays on the floor
  4. Your clutch pedal feels loose or spongy
  5. Your clutch pedal pulsates, especially during acceleration
  6. Your car’s engine is racing but the car is not picking up speed

The above issues should be addressed in time before your car is rendered immovable in the middle of a highway. You can bring in your car to our garage today and our expert mechanics will diagnose and fix the issue. In case of a full clutch replacement, they will:

  • First remove the gearbox and old clutch
  • Then inspect the flywheel
  • Install the new clutch kit (clutch disc and clutch plate)
  • Re-install the gearbox
  • Conduct a road test

We understand that it might not be possible for you to bring your car to our garage, in which case you can schedule an appointment with us and our mechanics will visit you at your convenient location, to inspect and repair your clutch. An additional benefit of choosing us as your car service partner is that all our car products come with nationwide warranty of upto 3 years.

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