Cooling System Services, Diagnostics and Rebuilds


All cars need a well-functioning cooling system to regulate the heat generated by the engine and to keep the engine temperature in check. If the cooling system fails, then the engine too can fail, which can further open up a myriad of problems.

A cooling system comprises of a radiator, coolant, a water pump, some hoses, a thermostat and a fan. Thus, if your car’s dashboard shows that the engine temperature is between the normal and hot range, then chances are that one or more of these parts are not doing their job well enough. It is most likely that your car is running low on coolant or that the coolant has got contaminated.

In either case, bringing the car to our garage and getting it inspected by our skilled mechanics can help to resolve the problem in time, and prevent future situations where you are stranded on the road with your car’s hood up and steam emanating from it.

In case you are too busy to bring your car to our garage, you can even schedule an appointment for our mechanics to visit you at your convenient location, and inspect and repair your car’s cooling system.

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