4WD AWD Transfer Case Services and Rebuilds


A transfer case is a key component in 4-wheel and All-wheel Drive vehicles. It is responsible for transferring adequate thrust and power from the front to the rear axles of the vehicle and vice-versa, depending on which wheels are facing the most traction at any given time.

For the transfer case to work smoothly, the fluid between its components must be clean and sufficiently-lubricating. With time, the fluid additives wear out and the fluid becomes contaminated and needs replacement. It is important that the transfer case fluid is well maintained in the gearbox to ensure timely response of the wheels during emergency braking.

So in case you are having trouble shifting in and out of your car’s 4-wheel mode, or during such shifting, the car vibrates or gives off a grinding noise, then chances are that your transfer case fluid needs replacement. Many car manufacturers specify time intervals post which the car’s transfer case fluid should be replaced. In case your manufacturer’s manual does not specify the same, then our expert mechanics can always diagnose your transfer case problems and suggest if replacement is needed.

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