All Electrical, Computer Modules, Fault Diagnosis


Thanks to the advancements in automobile technology, our cars today are more luxurious and efficient than ever before. But associated with these benefits, are a large number of electrical and computer modules in the car such as the battery and engine indicators.

But these lights and indicators, when they turn on, they can mean a variety of things. Often, to detect the root cause of the issue, diagnostics has to be run with sophisticated technology such as OBD software and scanners.

At MR Auto Tech, we have the right technology and trained mechanics who can promptly diagnose such issues and suggest and implement the requisite fixes for the same. So if you want to run an inspection on your car, get in touch with us!

In case you are too busy to bring your car to our garage, we even offer Mobile Mechanic services, wherein our employees can visit you at your convenient location, to inspect and repair your car.

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