Steering and Suspension Diagnostics and Rebuilds


A well-functioning steering and suspension system means better control and stability in manoeuvring the car, and ultimately assured safety of the passengers riding in it. On the contrary, faults in these systems could mean any of the several things:

  • Swerving of the car
  • Vibrations in the car
  • Untimely response of the brakes
  • Extra effort needed for steering the car
  • Misalignment of wheels

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, then you can bring in your car today to our garage to fix them. Our expert mechanics will diagnose and repair all the issues to your satisfaction. Depending on the problem, they will:

  • Flush and replace the steering fluid
  • Replace the shock absorbers
  • Oil and lubricate the suspension systems
  • Perform wheel alignment

In case you are too busy to bring your car to our garage, you can even schedule an appointment for our mechanics to visit you at your convenient location, and inspect and repair your car.

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