Alternators are a critical component in every car. For those who don’t know what an alternator does, it basically uses the engine power to supply electrical charge to the battery so that the battery can adequately power your car’s electrical systems such as the radio, wipers, headlights, etc.

Over time, alternators can wear off, and may not provide the much-needed charge to the battery, eventually causing the battery to drain. This in turn can lead to any of the following several things:

  • The battery light on the dashboard may go on
  • The engine may not turn on
  • The headlights go dim, etc.

Often alternator problems may appear as battery problems and vice-versa. Thus it is essential to get the help of qualified technicians who can really figure out what the problem is and accordingly resolve it. In case your faulty alternator causes your battery to die, and you replace your battery, without fixing your alternator, you might still end up with a car that does not start.

At MR Auto tech, we provide all solutions for alternators including repair and replacement. You can rest assured of being provided with quality products and all our parts come with nationwide warranty of upto 3 years.

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