Air Conditioning/Climate Control Systems Diagnostics and Servicing


The air conditioning in our cars is what makes the rides really pleasant. During summers it helps to keep the car cool, and during winters it helps to keep the car warm while preventing a build-up of fog on the windscreen.

But it must be noted that the air conditioning, like a lot of other automobile systems, need to be inspected and repaired from time to time. In fact, they can often be one of the most neglected components, especially as they do not form part of the regular log book servicing schedule.

All car manufacturers recommend that the air conditioning system be serviced once in every 2 years, as any of the following problems could have developed in the interval:

  • Refrigerant gas leak
  • Hoses and seals have dried out and cracked
  • Bacteria or fungus build-up in the system leading to foul smells emanating from the AC vents

If you think your air-conditioning system is due for a servicing, then you can walk in to our garage, and our mechanics will do the needful, including:

  • A thorough system check of hoses, seals, valves, compressor, thermostat
  • Evacuate the system and “re-gas”
  • Perform an anti-bacterial treatment
  • Final system check and A/C performance

We understand that it might not be possible for you to bring your car to our garage, in which case you can schedule an appointment with us and our mechanics will visit you at your convenient location, to inspect and repair your air-conditioning/climate control system.

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