Automatic Transmission Services, Diagnostics and Rebuilds


A well-functioning automatic transmission system means easy shifting of the gears and a good driving experience. On the contrary, faults in your automatic transmission could mean any of the several things:

  • Slipping transmission
  • Gear changes have become more noticeable
  • Strange noises emanating from the car
  • Fluids leaking from under the gearbox
  • “Check Engine” light is turned ON

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, then you can bring in your car today to our garage to fix them. Our expert mechanics will diagnose and repair all the issues to your satisfaction. Depending on the problem, they will:

  • First undertake a road test to study the shift pattern
  • Flush and replace the transmission fluids
  • Clean the filters
  • Add some transmission oil cooler
  • Seal the gearbox

Only in rare cases, depending on the damage to the transmission system, our mechanics will recommend a complete replacement of the same. You can rest assured as all our products are come with limited warranty.

In case you are too busy to bring your car to our garage, you can even schedule an appointment for our mechanics to visit you at your convenient location, and inspect and repair your car.

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