Full Computer Scanning Services


Thanks to advancements in technology, our cars today are more luxurious, efficient and affordable. But with these benefits, the diagnosis of car issues and malfunctions has also become complex. Gone are the days when mechanics would use simple toolkits to fix all your car’s issues. Today, to identify the problems with your car, more sophisticated technology is available using which your full car can be scanned within minutes and data is obtained about the errors in it.

The way this works is that we connect a computer to the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) system of your car. The OBD of your car has all the information about the condition of all your car’s parts and systems, such as engine, transmission, steering, emission systems, etc., and specifically about any faults in the these parts, which might be preventing the smooth-functioning of your car as a whole. So the OBD software in our computer receives all this information when connected to your car’s OBD system.

Accordingly, we take the next steps to fix the faulty parts of your car and get you back on your track. Apart from detecting the issues in your car’s systems, our OBD scanner can be useful in other ways:

  • To measure the car’s fuel economy, post which certain steps can be taken to reduce fuel consumption
  • To monitor certain real time data when the car’s ignition is on, such as the engine temperature, battery voltage, etc.
  • To effectively detect and mitigate the issues causing the service lights/indicators to turn on
  • To perform full diagnostic inspection before the car’s annual registration renewal

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