Car Performance


Here at MR Auto Tech, we are proud to be Australia’s one of the top vehicle car partner since 1918. We can assist you with all aspects of modifying and upgrading your car to meet your performance needs. Performance Upgrades are for when you are wanting to increase the performance of your car. This doesn’t just mean making your car faster. There is a whole range of upgrades and customisations you can opt for your car.

Engine Upgrades

There are various ways of increasing your engine’s performance such as Engine Rebuilds, Dyno Tuning, Forced Induction, Bigger Exhaust, bigger air filters, chip upgrade, engine displacement ad performance upgrade coating.

Suspension Upgrades

We also offer suspension upgrades from basic lowering to fully adjustable setups. To add, we also deal with all kinds of coilovers.

Whether you are transporting bulky loads or towing a caravan, we have just the right solution for you. Or, if you are planning to make your ride look more sleek or improve on your handling, at MR Auto Tech, a suspension upgrade is the best thing for you.

Brake Upgrades

At MR Auto Tech, we specialise in servicing and replacing brakes, whether you want impressive new high performance brakes or you simply need to get your worn out brakes upgraded, we can help you keep safe and stay current. We provide a range of tools to upgrade the brakes with performance brake discs, brake pads, brake lines, brake cooling and ducting systems.

Other Upgrades

Car Fabrication, installing adjustable arms and rods, clutch upgrades, body aero upgrade, improved cooling systems and tyre upgrades.

You can call us on 03 5407 4060 to learn more about our performance upgrade packages and to get an understanding of the most suitable upgrade options for your car.

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